Courtyard at Park Farm Charging Scheme

This table will show the typical price per night charge during your stay.

Car Price per night
Nissan Leaf £5
BMW i3 £5
Renault Zoe £5
VW e-Golf £5
Hyundai Ioniq Electric £6
Kia Soul EV £7
Hyundai Kona £8
Kia E-Niro £8
Jaguar I-Pace £9
Audi E-Tron £9
Tesla Model X £10
Tesla Model 3 £9
Tesla Model S £9
Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) £3

More infomation about our charger:

Using the charger:

Our Charger is activated with a RFID card. This RFID card is obtained upon checkin at the Courtyard, it is the same card used for access at the Hotel. The reader that activates the charge point, is located next to the charger. Tap the card once and that will then activate the charge point. Once you activate the charger it will start a 10 hour timer. After the 10 hours the timer will run out and stop the charging. Each time you tap your activate the charger we will add the relivant charge to your tab. If you are still stuck with this please contact us, Ext 605# or 01747897211 or Click Here to watch a guided video on how to activate the charge point.

1. Use room key on reader to the side of the charger.
2. Remove the cable, plug type 2 cable into your car.
1. Unplug the cable from your car.
2. Loop cable around reel and plug back into the holder.
Note: Once reader has been scanned the charger is activated for 10 hours only.